Latest Travel Updates

They do happen, occasionally.
  • 23rd April 2016

I've really appreciated the time I've had over the last few months to tinker around a bit (actually, a lot) and give this place another long overdue renovation, and I'm pretty pleased with the finished product. Unveiling Troy's Gone Walkabout 3.0: The same tatty old content, only now in significantly more elegant surrounds.

Yorkshire Dales and Moors

Despite the short days, this was a very nice driving destination to bring in the new year.


Christmas in the completely fascinating and still rapidly transforming German capital.

Suffolk, Essex and Kent

The last major puzzle piece of South-East England I hadn't yet ventured across.


Should you return to a favourite destination for a second time and risk that it can't match the memories of the first time around? We did, and it did.

Basque Region

Amazing local food, spectacular architecture and the only beaches I've found in Europe that fit my particular criteria. What's not to love?

London (2014)

A rare afternoon off to explore new parts of this epic city, where I found that 2014 met 1984.