Latest Travel Updates

They do happen, occasionally.
  • 23rd April 2016

I've really appreciated the time I've had over the last few months to tinker around a bit (actually, a lot) and give this place another long overdue renovation, and I'm pretty pleased with the finished product. Unveiling Troy's Gone Walkabout 3.0: The same tatty old content, only now in significantly more elegant surrounds.


A summer exploration across some of Europe's most romanticised landscapes.

In and Around Switzerland (2016)

Annual highlights from the heart of continental Europe.

Hong Kong (2016)

Another welcome stopover that allowed us to explore the Kowloon side of the harbour.

Hong Kong (2015)

I had been hoping for a long time that one day this place would be my stopover between Europe and Australia.

Yorkshire Dales and Moors

Despite the short days, this was a very nice driving destination to bring in the new year.


Christmas in the completely fascinating and still rapidly transforming German capital.