Other things I've written that have been published elsewhere.

In response to a piece published on Crikey’s travel blog Back in a Bit about the benefits of using smartphones while travelling, Troy Wilkinson, who prefers travelling the old fashioned way, fights back.

The requirements were simple: A bloke weekend with a close mate, somewhere in Europe we’d both never been, easily accessible for both of us, preferably warm and exotic. Quite how we came up with Yorkshire is a bit of a mystery.

Note: This is a condensed version of a travelogue originally posted here.

To Troy Wilkinson, G T C Williams was nothing more than the name of his long dead great-grandmother’s brother. That is, until a pilgrimage to his grave in Belgium made him examine the young soldier’s short life.

The citizens of Switzerland love a referendum, with three to four held per year. With each contentious referendum comes posters from the fringes of Swiss society, packed with racism, anti-immigration and Islamophobic rhetoric.