The long reads of my journeys over the years.
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London (2014)

A rare afternoon off to explore new parts of this epic city, where I found that 2014 met 1984.

Loire Valley

A weekend shortlisting the very grandest of stately châteaux.

Changi Airport

Can an airport really be a travel destination in its own right? For at least one airport in the world, yes it can.


I love this city, probably more than any other city I know. But just not in that settling down, long-term commitment sense of love.

Nürburg and Stuttgart

Driving the mighty Nürburgring and museum visits to Stuttgart's two big motoring manufacturers: Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.

Füssen, Salzburg and Innsbruck

I prove what was previously considered impossible: There really is such a thing as too many Wienerschnitzels.

Krakow to Budapest

A comparison of four cities in four countries, either side of the old Iron Curtain.


Getting challenged muchly in the Grand Duchy.

North Yorkshire

It wasn't exactly the first place that sprung to mind when Paul and I had the chance for a rare weekend debrief, but we were more than glad we chose it.

Washington, DC

My American education continues. Amongst all I learnt, the most telling was that the capital goes right up there as a contender for my favourite US city.

N Carolina, Southern Virginia and NYC

Seeing where my wife went to university and visiting friends from that era, before this kid from the Apple Isle gets his first bite of the Big Apple.

Gdansk and Warsaw

The Polish have become pretty adept at re-establishing their nation after periods of grave adversity, and the week after this trip they had to do it yet again.


Tuscany is overrun and romanticised to death (or that’s what those supposedly in the know are saying), so we spent a long weekend next door instead.

Schwerin, Lübeck and Hamburg

A long drive for a castle and some other miscellaneous entertainment.


My first stopover between Europe and Australia, and so much more than just the jetlag beater it was intended to be.

Prague, Český Krumlov and Olomouc

Prague used to be 'the next big thing'. Did we ever miss the boat on that one. Still, out of the capital was incredible.


A group weekend with a couple of logistical surprises in what must be one of Europe's most stunning cities.


The Golden Girls on the post-Cricket World Cup chapter of our Caribbean adventure. Viva la revolución!


Attending six matches of the Super Eights stage of the Cricket World Cup in the West Indies, and exploring this Caribbean island nation on non-match days.

The Road to Maranello

Tackling Alpine mountain passes on the way to pay homage at the stables of the prancing horse.


The end to an Amazing Race style summer, seeing some of what lies beyond the infamies of Amsterdam.


Road-tripping clock-wise around the Emerald Isle with my sister and our grandmother. Nanna promised to at least try to be on her best behaviour.


What to do when you want a long weekend to last forever? Head to the Eternal City...


A weekend debrief interrupted by some sightseeing.


The first in my fledgling 'Weekends Away' series.

Cardiff, Liverpool and Edinburgh

A mad pre-Christmas dash across England, Wales and Scotland.


Carpets, Roman ruins, carpets, the tanneries of Fes, carpets, camel trekking in the Sahara, carpets and snake charmers in Marrakech. Did I mention carpets?


Mayhem, chaos and surprises at every turn – and that was just in our intestines.

Scandinavia, Western Russia and More

Scenic Scandi, the northern lights, Russia in the midst of terrorism and coming face to face with Hitler's last surviving bodyguard in Berlin.

Cairns to Sydney

Heading down the east coast with a crowd of people from overseas. I was almost a stranger in my own country.

New Zealand

"The Land of the Long White Cloud" from top to bottom and back again. It was 'choice'.